The Alter Egos

Lauren Tyler
insta @blondierocket

Alter Egos: LT, GND, Princess Peach

Lauren is a Digital Content Librarian by day and a writer/doer of “all things cool” by night.  Born and raised in Boise, Lauren has a deep connection to her community and an even deeper connection to the people that stand as pillars and influences throughout.

Favorite Drink: La Croix + 44 North Vodka
Strengths: Strategic, Futuristic, Developer, Discipline, Empathy




Kayla Schill
insta @jamesoncash

Alter Egos: The Schill, K-Money, K-Train, Fish

Kayla plays a Sales Ninja during the day and moonlights as a productivity fiend – always doing something – fitting that her motto is: GSD (Get Shit Done).  Born and raised in the 2C, Kayla has lived in 3 other states which makes her appreciate our dear Idaho even more.

Favorite Drink: Widmer Hefe
Strengths: Context, Relator, Achiever, Learner, Self Assurance



Laura Nichols
insta @lauranichols05

Alter Egos: Ninja, Pepper, LN, Lo, Ellen, Miss Lippy

By day Laura makes sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed for Sales Ninjas, like Kayla. By night she hikes, runs, and plays with her three boxer kids – Kona, Bode, and Pearl. Laura is a Boise transplant, but wouldn’t trade the Greenbelt, four seasons, and all her favorite Alter friends for a new locale.

Favorite Drink: Prosecco / Starbucks Iced Tea
Strengths: Maximizer, Harmony, Adaptability, Responsibility, Learner



Heidy Caruso
insta @heidabelle

Alter Egos: Heidabelle, Neffa, Pegasus Dynamite

Heidy rights cyber crime during the day with a click of her mouse and a penchant for conference calls. While she’s moved away several times, she always comes back to Boise. Heidy lives with her husband and their two roomates, Atticus (a boxer dog) and Jada (a pitbull). She dreams nearly every night.

Favorite Drink: Prosecco
Strengths: Positivity, Input, Maximizer, Woo, Communication