S1 – Episode 9: The One With the Decent Normal Mechanic


Need a lunchtime break? Now’s your chance to catch up with the Alters as we invite another man into the midst. He’s not afraid of showing his soft side or getting a little dirty. Please welcome …

TONY CARUSO … the decent normal mechanic.

And husband to our Heidabelle.

Episode 9 is chocked full of goodies, extra crushing lists, a little “not so” newlywed game, and a session of creative cursing that even we decided to hold back from your ears (we do give you a little).

If our little video on instagram is any indication of how the evening went, you’re definitely in for a treat. Sit back in the sun, put in your buds, and enjoy a little lunch break.

Did we mention we’re on the home stretch to the Season 1 finish line?

Find Tony and Modern Timber at …

  • Instagram :: @tonymoderntimber
  • Web :: moderntimber.co

Find the Alters on Instagram at …

  • Lauren :: @blondierocket
  • Laura :: @lauranichols05
  • Heidy :: @heidabelle
  • Alter Egos :: @alteregospodcast

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